Sony’s latest Android 11 update might make a few Samsung


For all the amazing work Samsung has done distributing Android 11 goodies to a whole bunch of new and old high-end smartphones around the world over the last few weeks, the heavyweight champion of major software updates is yet to do the same for its best mid-rangers out there.That makes Sony’s latest OS promotion pretty special, heading out to the mid-end Xperia 10 II as we speak in select Southeast Asian countries. While we obviously can’t compare the sizes of these two companies’ mobile product portfolios, it’s certainly impressive to see this 2020-released 6-inch device with Snapdragon 665 processing power follow in the footsteps of the high-end Xperia 1, 5, 1 II, and 5 II so quickly. 

Of course, Sony did vow nearly two months ago to start delivering these over-the-air treats to this handset “from the end of January 2021”, but we’ve seen so many Android device vendors break this kind of promise so many times over the years that it’s almost surprising when a company actually follows through without any delay whatsoever. Sony's latest Android 11 update might make a few Samsung fans jealous Similar to the four other Android 11 updates rolled out to Xperia phones so far, the newest collection of UI tweaks, performance improvements, and security enhancements tips the scales at less than 1GB. That means Sony is keeping its proprietary optimizations to a minimum, pleasing those so-called purists who for some reason are not satisfied with any of the Pixel-branded hardware manufactured and sold directly by Google.

Speaking of sales, it’s worth remembering that last year’s Xperia 10 II was never officially released stateside, unlike 2019’s original Xperia 10. That 6-inch Snapdragon 630-powered oldie, by the way, is likely to be next in line for an OTA Android 11 upgrade, although we have no idea just yet when Sony might be able to pull that delivery off.In the meantime, the Xperia 10 III could well see daylight at some point by the end of next month with Android 11 presumably running the software show out the box, as well as the same old extra-tall 6-inch screen in tow and three undoubtedly improved cameras slapped on its back.

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