The Galaxy S20 series will be the first Samsung devices


(Pocket-lint) – Samsung has made some big moves in how it approaches Android updates. Launching the Note 20 series, Samsung confirmed that it would be offering three generations of Android for those devices – and it has now gone further outlining all the devices that currently quality for that offer.

Within the company’s statement on those details, Samsung also confirms that the first device in line to update to Android 11 will be the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. That’s perhaps no surprise, as it’s a main flagship for the year – but encouragingly, Samsung confirms that it is going to happen in 2020: 

“The Galaxy S20 line-up will also be the first Galaxy devices to receive the Android 11 upgrade later this year5, with other devices to follow shortly thereafter,” says Samsung in a news release.

Samsung’s track records for updates is not good. Often there have been substantial delays while the company updates and rolls-out the updates along with its own software tweaks (now encompassed in One UI) to devices globally. 

Part of the problem is that it’s not a simple case of taking the new version of Android and pushing it out – as you get on the Pixel devices, or only needing minor tweaks as it is on the Nokia Android One devices. Instead, there’s a lot of work to be done and Samsung has a huge volume of devices, and many variants of device to cater for and that’s before you get to carrier or network modifications too.

For anyone who has bought a Samsung Galaxy S20 device, the fact you’ll be getting Android 11 this year will be welcomed, but Samsung has applied a small footnote to this news. That footnote reads: “This may vary by market or carrier.”

Time will tell just how significant that variation is.

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