The Google Chat app is getting a major revamp

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Google Hangouts has been 6ft under for a while, and Google Chat has taken its Place. While this platform does have a modern Android app aesthetic, there could be some changes down the road. According to 9To5Google, the company is working on a major revamp for the Google Chat app for Android.

If you’re curious about what Google Chat is, it’s the company’s answer to platforms like Telegram and WhatsApp. It’s a web-based messaging platform that you can use via the app or the website. It took the place of Google Hangouts and Google Allo from back in the day. If you have a Google account, then you have access to Google Chat.

Google Chat could be getting a major revamp

Starting off this revamp, we have a possible new logo for the platform. The old logo showed two overlapping green chat bubbles. It’s a neat logo, but it doesn’t match up with the green, red, yellow, and blue color scheme that we see with pretty much any other Google service.

However, with this new revamp, it seems that Google is going to change that. The new logo appears much more in line with the Google aesthetic. It is a squarish chat bubble consisting of Google’s color scheme and a minimalistic design. Looking at it, you’ll instantly get the impression that this is a Google product.


Google Chat Revamp 2Google Chat Revamp 2

However, the major part of this Google Chat revamp has a lot to do with the UI. 9To5Google was able to provide a screenshot of how the Android app will look.

Currently, in the app, you’ll see a toolbar on the bottom consisting of your Chat tab and your Spaces tab. The new chat button sits above it in an elongated rounded rectangle. Above that, you’ll see your feed of conversations, with the search bar above it.

With the revamp, there will be some significant changes. First off, the bottom bar will go away. At the very bottom of the screen, you will see the new chat button, but it will just be the icon with no text. It will sit inside a rounded square rather than a rectangle.


Up top, you will see two tabs. One of them seems to show your full feed of messages while the other could possibly be a filter to only show conversations that you were mentioned in. It looks to be the “@” symbol. This could be an easy way for you to quickly see which conversations you are mentioned in, as they could be very important.

Under that bar, you will see five chips to help refine your feed. We have the All, Unread, Pinned, DMS, and Spaces chips. Above that, you’ll see the search bar with your hamburger-style menu and profile picture.

Also, this revamp will bring the app more in line with the current Material You aesthetic. The background will comply with the color of your phone’s theme.

We’re not sure when this is going to roll out, so you’ll just want to keep an eye out for it


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