This week in Android: Android 11 is live, Surface Duo


Android 11 stock photo with Google colors 2

Android 11 stock photo with Google colors 2

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Android 11 is live! But first, Microsoft’s new Surface Duo was not well received by phone reviewers, and things just keep getting harder for Huawei.

In no surprise, the trade bans levied against Huawei are continuing to make life hard for the Chinese company. The U.S. has made it clear that doing business with Huawei is not a smart move, and we’re sad to see the continued effects of that. Reports rolled in this week that Samsung and LG will no longer be shipping displays to Huawei. That means the brand is missing Google software, missing chipsets, and now missing displays. By all accounts, Huawei will have a tough time for the foreseeable future.

Samsung and LG halt display supply for Huawei

The Microsoft Surface Duo is an exciting device. Two displays attach together by a thin, 360 swiveling hinge. When closed, there is no screen available, as you’d find on the Samsung Galaxy Fold, for example. When open, you can us it in different orientations and layouts with multiple apps running simultaneously. It’s a really cool design that promises to be a great pocket-computer. However, when evaluated as a phone, as most reviewers have done so far, it’s not that great. One-handed operation is almost a no-go, the camera does not keep up with modern flagship phones, and the battery life, while offering about 5 hours of screen on time, is being considered to be just average.

It does come with a last gen SoC, only 6GB of RAM and limited storage space, all while lacking a number of features we’ve come to appreciate on our mobile devices, but it’s a new form factor that we applaud Microsoft for venturing into. We hope future versions of these types of folding mobile devices can bring it all together, and for a price a little less than the current offerings.

Microsoft Surface Duo review

Android 11 is final, OTA updates rolling out to Pixel phones and more now!

Android 11 is here!

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