VU tv Premium 4K FULL REVIEW (2020)


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VUTV Premium 43 inch-
VUTV Premium 50 inch-
VUTV Premium 55 inch-
VUTV Premium (2020) –

VU launched a premium series tv with 3 variant in budget pricing. Here we are giving our Vu tv Premium 2020 versions detailed review with our usage.
in this video 55 inch tv has been featured but all three variants such 43″, 50″ and 55″ are similar in all the specifications and features only difference are 43 inch tv has only 24W speaker, 50 and 55 inch tvs have 30W speaker other differences are size, weight and pricing only. so This video is ments for all the 3 model of VU Premium 2020 4K TV series.

Build Quality
VU Premium tv has slim and stylish top and side bazels, by comparing side and top the bottom bezel is little thick




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