What’s new in Android 11 Oxygen OS for OnePlus 8


OnePlus has announced that OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro users can now get access to the Android 11 Developer Preview 3, along with a look at new features coming to OxygenOS 11.

OnePlus has gained widespread acclaim since its inception for its stripped-down but neatly enhanced take on Android. OxygenOS 11 looks set to be no different – with a plethora of new features this time around too – which we’re also looking forward to seeing on an upcoming OnePlus 8T come release time.

Here are all the features that OnePlus touts as being included in this preview:

“Key updates (…):

  • New visual design (including Weather app, Launcher, Gallery, Notes)
  • New layout for more comfortable and convenient one-handed operation
  • Always-on display function, including 11 new clock styles
  • Live wallpaper that changes according to the time of day
  • New OnePlus Sans font that improves readability
  • Optimized Dark Mode, including the ability to automatically turn on and off and a shortcut in Quick Settings
  • 3 new Zen Mode themes, more timing options, and new Group feature to let you experience Zen Mode with your friends
  • New Gallery function that automatically creates a weekly story based on your photos and videos”

Touching on some of the notable new Android 11 Oxygen OS features, especially among Android devices, big phones are quite ubiquitous now. Therefore, introducing an updated one-handed mode for a “more comfortable and convenient” experience is definitely a welcome feature.

Always-on displays have been around for some time now and have even made it down to Apple’s watches. The handy feature is useful for saving battery while still being able to check notifications and the like, so it’s a good move by OnePlus.

Everyone loves a Dark Mode so optimising this feature seems like a no-brainer for OnePlus. The company is also adding a feature present on some other Android phones as well as iOS, and that’s the option to have Dark Mode turn on and off automatically. Being able to toggle the mode via Quick Settings is also a super convenient addition.

Remember, this is a developer preview/beta so it’s really intended for, well, developers as well as the tech enthusiast crowd. In light of this, OnePlus lists the known issues of the current build: 

  1. Some third-party applications may not function as expected
  2. System stability issues
  3. Network stability issues in some scenarios

For more information on utilising the OnePlus developer preview and lowering the risk to your phone, you can follow this link where OnePlus details the programme in full.

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