‘wipEout Rush’ Brings Sony’s ‘wipEout’ Franchise Back in a New


Publisher Rogue Games just announced wipEout Rush for iOS and Android. wipEout Rush is a new entry in Sony’s beloved franchise that hasn’t seen a new release since the PS4 and PS VR wipEout Omega Collection. wipEout Rush is a card-based racer that promises 60fps gameplay on modern hardware. While I initially was pretty disappointed that this mobile wipEout game doesn’t have the traditional franchise gameplay, I will check out because I’m always up for more wipEout. This is a card-based racer as shown in the announcement video below which (via IGN) has some great visuals. Rogue Games also mentioned that the team wanted to rethink wipEout for mobile. Watch the wipEout Rush announcement trailer below:

wipEout Rush is set to debut on iOS and Android in early 2022. It will include an electronica soundtrack by composer Alastrair Lindsay, 60 ships from the original games, 12 championship cup races in five different environments, amd a comic-book influenced narrative. As of now, more details aren’t available for wipEout Rush. I will still play it when the game releases next year because I enjoyed wipEout on PS4 and want to see how wipEout Rush looks on modern iOS hardware. What do you think of the wipEout Rush gameplay so far and what would you like to see in a potential PS5 wipEout entry?

[Source: IGN]

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