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Joying got in contact with me and asked me if I would wanted to test one of their new PX5 2GB models on Android version 8.
I decided that I wanted to do so, so I received for some 28 euros a Joying JY-VO130P2.

So what is it:
8″ screen 2DIN unit for VW/Skoda/Seat/Audi
ARM Cortex based ARM V8, 1 processor 8 A53 cores (4 running at 1.5 GHz, 4 “low energy” running at 1.2 GHz)
FYT based SOM
2GB internal memory (RAM)
32GB storage (ROM)
Android version 8.0.0
particularities: DVD-player

I made a video review of it which you can find here:https://youtu.be/MH1snfDIU5A

The Good:

  • seems minimally faster than the Sofia 3GR
  • FYT/syu software the same as on Sofia 3GR.
  • Android 8.0.0, longer support
  • Android 8 supports split-screen functionality out of the box.
  • Improved radio reception (but needs to be tested over longer period)
  • Improved sound quality (I think, but I forgot to mention in the review)

The bad:

  • Too high temperatures of the cpu
  • No user configuration of buttons
  • FYT/syu software the same as on Sofia 3GR (I mean that some “weird” things are still there on the PX5 as well)
  • FYT/syu applications (radio, bt, music player, etc.) do not support split screen (and it is so simple to enable this)
  • No Android 8 Automotive integration
  • Chinese translations could be improved using on-line tooling like weblate.org or crowdin.com (or others) by using the user community.

The really bad:

  • Too high temperatures of the cpu. It really needs better cooling.

Update Sun 13 May 2018:
There is indeed an issue with the WiFi on this new Version 8.0.0 model. I already mentioned in my video review that it did not auto-connect to my WiFi networks.
– When fully rebooting the unit, it connects automatically to my home WiFi. No issue at all.
– When coming from deep-sleep, WiFi is either switched off ór WiFi is still on, but it doesn’t connect automatically to my WiFi networks.
See update Fri 18 May

And maybe some explanation: I mentioned in the review that it is very simple to alter the AndroidManifest.xml to allow resizing the app and make it function in split-screen. So why didn’t I do that myself?
The Joying apps are signed. Some parts can be easily changed without touching the signing, but the AndroidManifest.xml is part of that signing as it also contains the security options the application needs. Off course I do not have the Joying signature so I can’t recompile the app with the same signature while the AndroidManifest.xml is obviously changed. That is exactly how it should work or any hacker could get access.
FYT/syu should change this.

Update Mon 14 May:
There used to be a bug in the older ROMs that where you gave the BT access to your contacts, it would erase all your contacts.
Well, 8.0 also erases all your contacts!
This issue annoys me highly as it is so old and it still isn’t solved.

Update Tue 15 May:
The Google Assistant with spoken searches does not work.
When trying to use the voice search function (clicking the microphone in the search bar), It shows very shortly the ‘Speak now’ indicator before it turns into an error message that mentions “No internet connection”. I checked very carefully and my internet connection is fine. I tried with 2 home WiFi networks and via hot-spot on my phone. All internet connections work fine, but Google search still gives this error message.

Update Fri 18 May:
See post #44

Update Wed 23 May (test of Android auto):
See post #54

Update Sunday 10 June:
See post #77
– OK Google solved.

Update Tuesday 12 June:
Some update about the BT app erasing your Google contacts: Joying is now working full steam on it. Another user made a nice video on youtube about it

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