YouTube finally gives its widget the Material You makeover


Over a year after Google unveiled its Material You design language, several companies are working on implementing this design aesthetic into their own properties. This includes apps, their icons, and their respective widgets. After bringing Material You into its app, YouTube finally gave its Android and iOS widgets the makeover as well, according to 9To5Google.

More third-party companies are bringing Material You to their properties. Companies like Spotify, Reddit, LinkedIn, and other apps have given their apps the themed icons that change color with the phone’s color theme. This is all a great step forward in creating a more unified Android aesthetic.

YouTube finally gives its widget the Material You makeover

At this point, we should all be familiar with what Material You is and how it makes Android different from other mobile operating systems. A lot of the UI elements are rounded squares and rectangles, and the entire interface has a bubbly and cartoonish look. Also, the overall color scheme changes based on the color of your wallpaper.


So, these are all being integrated into the YouTube widget. The widget itself is a large and rounded rectangle that houses some prominent YouTube buttons. There are two main parts of this widget. On the top, we have the search bar. On the bottom, in a separate colored section, we have four buttons. These are the Home, Shorts, Subscriptions, and Library buttons. This offers a quick and convenient way to hop to different parts of YouTube.

When you resize the witch it to a 3 x 2 size, it’ll only show you the home, shorts, and subscribe buttons. Also, if you reduce the height to only one square, it will only show you the search bar.

In an earlier version of the widget, YouTube put a microphone icon next to the search bar. This would let you instantly hop into voice search on YouTube. However, this functionality seems to have been taken away. Right now, this new Material You YouTube widget is making its way to the public, so chances are that you have it already.


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