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Welcome to the City of Conover. We are glad you are interested in our community. On this page you will find our land use table, information regarding development review and approvals and information about other items requiring a zoning permit.  This information will assist you in getting your occupancy permits or construction projects underway.


We have three levels of development in Conover, Level II, Level I and Small Projects. The process for review depends on the scale of the proposal:



Level II Development

The following developments meeting or exceeding the following standards are considered Level II projects and are reviewed as a conditional zoning application.

  1. Multifamily residential: 16 or more units or, for congregant living, 16 or more residents;

  2. Mobile home park: Mobile home park with two or more units;

  3. Institutional: 20,000 square feet or more of building area;

  4. Commercial and mixed use: 20,000 square feet or more of building area, (For auto/boat/ recreation vehicle uses or for similar uses that rely on outdoor space for the primary activity, the square feet calculation includes buildings and outdoor sales, storage or activity areas);

  5. Industrial: 100,000 or more square feet of building area;

  6. Expansions of existing buildings, when the existing building along with the new addition meets or exceeds the threshold (additions of no more than 2 multifamily residential units or 10% of the threshold amount, exempted);

For more information regarding conditional zoning and the development review process, see the Level II development review section below.



Level I development

Level I projects are those developments that do not meet the threshold for Level II projects and are not a Small Project (projects affecting a single family home, signage, driveways and similar things).


Small projects are reviewed by the staff Site Plan Review Committee following the submittal of detailed plans. See the additional information below concerning Level I development and process for approval.


Small Projects

Small projects are those projects that require a zoning permit but do not require formal plan submittal.  These include the construction of a single family home on a previously platted lot, additions to a house, construction of accessory buildings, commercial signage, commercial repainting, resurfacing, fences, carports, and driveways.


All business occupancy permits and building construction conducted within the City of Conover requires zoning approval through the Planning Department.  For additional information please feel free to stop by City Hall or call (828)464-1191 to speak with someone on our staff. We will be more than happy to assist you with getting your business open as soon as possible!

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