Zoom Virtual Agent aims to transform customer service


Videoconferencing giant Zoom has launched a new AI-powered conversational chatbot. Dubbed Zoom Virtual Agent, the new intelligent chatbot solution is touted to “transform the way businesses assist their customers and employees”. It will deliver better and faster support on mobile and the web, so businesses can provide efficient and cost-effective customer service.

Zoom Virtual Agent is an intelligent conversational AI chatbot

Chatbots aren’t new in the corporate sector. However, this space is rapidly changing with advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. According to Zoom, most of the existing chatbots are powered by extensive manual coding. These solutions can’t adapt to the everyday languages that customers generally use. As such, they often fail to accurately interpret a query and provide a relevant answer. Traditional chatbots are more expensive too.

Zoom Virtual Agent addresses these shortcomings. The company says its latest AI chatbot uses natural language processing and machine learning to accurately interpret customer queries and instantly resolve issues. It can provide personalized experiences to customers, ensuring that they feel comfortable while having a conversation. The service is available 24/7, which helps take a lot of pressure off human customer service agents. It also significantly reduces customer service costs for businesses.


According to Zoom’s press release, Zoom Virtual Agent integrates seamlessly with various CRM, chat, and contact center platforms. The company will offer it as part of the Zoom Contact Center. The latter is the firm’s video-optimized CCaaS (contact center-as-a-service) platform for businesses. It helps in delivering personalized customer experiences. Zoom touts these services to help businesses achieve higher CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) scores and brand loyalty.

Zoom launches new AI chatbot a year after Solvvy acquisition

Zoom’s latest AI product comes about a year after it acquired Solvvy, a California-based startup that specializes in conversational AI and automation platforms for customer support. Founded in 2013, Solvvy provided intelligent chatbot solutions for several prominent brands over the years. Zoom acquired it for an undisclosed fee in May last year, a couple of months after it launched the Zoom Contact Center.

“Every leader I speak to is seeking dual outcomes from their CX technology: superior omnichannel resolutions for their customers and an improved bottom line,” said Mahesh Ram, the founding CEO of Solvvy who is now the head of the digital customer experience at Zoom. Ram suggested Zoom Virtual Agent will help companies quickly improve their self-service customer interactions. “Solvvy delivered these types of outcomes for many leading brands,” he added.


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